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  • Field Trip: Saturday, June 16 - Central Utah at Dale and Judy Pettit's home -They have  the most bird-friendly home and yard I have ever seen. We will meet at the BLM office on Riverside Drive at 7:00 am in the morning. Then we will leave the BLM at 7:15 and proceed to Central. For directions to the Petit's home, you can find details here.  If you have any questions please contact Keith Davis at 435 313-0686.
    (BLM map)
  • Red Cliffs Audubon Meeting  Tonaquint Nature Center  Wednesday, June 13, 7:00pm - Mike Small will be the guest speaker. Mike is a retired BLM wildlife biologist, a natural resource specialist and has been active in Southern Utah politics. Mike was one of the people actively supporting the Red Cliffs Audubon.  Mike has given many lectures on the condors and their reintroduction to our area. He's very knowledgeable on condors, global warming, water issues and air quality here in Southern Utah.  We have had Mike as a speaker many times the past on different subjects and I'm sure you will love having him at this meeting. He will give a short talk and then we will have the meeting open for your questions.  Mike lives in Cedar City, so he will be leaving early as he needs to be able to drive back. Come early, enjoy our opening snacks, then talk about our favorite birds and the upcoming field trip on Saturday to Del and Judy Pettit's home in Central Utah.
  • (Tonaquint map)


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National Audubon Membership

     Since the Red Cliffs Audubon is no longer
going to be in operation, you can contact the National Audubon for a national membership.


Joseph Blyn 2018
We are sorry to hear of the passing of the husband
of one of our most dedicated Red Cliffs Audubon supporters,
Denise Blyn.  Joe was always a loyal supporter of Denise's
dealings with the Audubon as well as the annual St. George
Winter Bird Festival.  We wish her the best at this
difficult time. Love ya, Denise.


Paul Jaussi has said he will take over the leadership position
 for the Red Cliffs Audubon.  Paul is fairly new to our area
and is in the process of having a new home built here.  Please
 give him your active support in keeping our Audubon Club
up and running for years to come. There will be a new
website so look for links to that on Utahbirds.org when
the final change is made in the months to come.

Marilyn Davis 1934-2018

marilyn davis


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Phone:  435 673-0996

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