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  • Field Trip: Saturday, June 16 - Central Utah at Dale and Judy Pettit's home - a birding paradise.  If you have any questions please contact Keith Davis at 435 313-0686.
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  • Red Cliffs Audubon Meeting  Tonaquint Nature Center  Wednesday, June 13, 7:00pm

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         Photos from the Winter Bird Festivals

Field Trips Reports

Christmas Bird Count 2017


National Audubon Membership

     Since the Red Cliffs Audubon is no longer
going to be in operation, you can contact the National Audubon for a national membership.


Red Cliffs Chapter Closing

Last night at our board meeting it was decided that we will close Red Cliffs
Audubon as of the last of June and go to inactive status for several years. 
Without a president and a vice-president who can donate a large amount
of time to running the chapter, there is not a way to function. 
There are several great birders who would hate to see the chapter close,
but they do not have the time to take over the leadership positions.  As of
August 2018, our web master, who has produced our website for 15 years,
 will not longer be available. We will have a June meeting and field trip.
Come fall, we do have people who are going to be running the Christmas
Bird Counts. Both the Leeds (Silver Reef) count and the St George
count will take place.  We will be giving the people in charge of the
bird counts our email list so that they can send out notices to anyone
who would like to participate.  - Keith Davis 


Marilyn Davis 1934-2018

marilyn davis


Contact Information:
Phone:  435 673-0996

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