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    When children draw birds they become acquainted with the gifts nature has to offer. When they see a feathered friend well enough to paint, studying the eyes,
the beak, the feathers, and the habitat, they will inherit a natural gift, the artist and subject will bond forever.

    We hope you enjoy these drawing contributed by students. Other contributors are listed at the bottom of the page:

                    Buehner bird
Bridger Buehner - 2011

Kaily Jensen, "Woodpecker", Taylorsville, UT
Bekah Knudsen,
"Yellow Warbler", St. George, Utah
MacKenzie Riley,"Hummingbird Nest", 4th Grade, Wash. Elem., 2015 WBF Spec. Achievement
Adam Sloan, "Red Bird", St. George, Utah
Breanne Morgan, "Bald Eagle", St. George, Utah
Kaylee Morgan, "Owl", St. George, Utah
Mikayla Dunn, "Bird With Flowers", St. George,Utah
Robert G. Rolfe, "Hummingbirds", 4th Grade, Washington Elem., Special Achievement
Madison Lail,
"Robins", 4th Grade, Wash. Elem., Special Achievement
Melanie Miranda, "Owl", 4th Grade, Washington Elementary, Spec. Achievement

Jacilyn Saxton, "Blue Jays ", 4th Grade, Washington Elem., Honorable Mention
Truman Hale, "Great Horned Owls", Red Mtn. Elem., 3rd Grade, Spec. Recognition

Jamie Thomason, "Hummer Nest", Grade 3, Red Mtn. Elemen., Special Recog.
Liberty Jones, "Jays and Cat", Washington Elementary, WBF Honorable Mention

Carson Horspool, Black-headed Grosbeak
Kaily Jensen, Cardinal, 4th Grade

Ivan Richardson, Cedar Waxwing
Annie Crouch, "The Hatching", 5th Grade, Enterprise Elementary
Becky Cuff, "Peacock", 5th Grade, Bloomington Hills Elementary

Riley Emett, "Cardinal and Butterfly", 5th Grade, Bloomington Hills Elementary
Samantha Ballard, "Owl", 4th Grade, Springdale Elementary
Tatum Katherine Sherwood, "Hummer", 4th Grade, Bloomington Hills Elementary
Megan Haylie Hoppie, "Redbird", 5th Grade, Bloomington Hills Elementary
Jacob Cottam, "Flying Rainbows", 5th Grade, Bloomington Hills Elementary
Brianna Rachael Bell, "Morning Song", Bloomington Hills Elementary, 5th Grade
Chloe Martinez, "Geese", 5th Grade, Enterprise Elem., Honorable Mention
Ben Beckstrand, Owl, Washington Elem., 4th Grade, Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Denise Carlson, Hummingbird, 4th grade. Bloomington Hills Elementary
Ryan Bohler, "Male Cardinal" Washington Elementary, Color Award

Maggie Elissa Cooke, "Bird Fishing", Washington Elem., Honorable Mention
Chloe Jean Boman, "Four Hungry Mouths", Washington Elem., Color Award
Sierra Terry, Hummingbird Feeding Time, Enterprise Elem., Color Aware
Lilly Leslie, Feeding the Babies, Washington Elem., Color Aware
McKinley Mortenson, Swan with cygnet, Enterprise Elem., Honorable Mention
Ben Frank, Swan Heart, Springdale Elem., Honorable Mention
Isabella Madsen, Joy of Spring, Springdale Elem., 5th Grade, 3rd Place
Holly Griffin, Spring Birds, Washington Elem., 4th Grade, 3rd Place
T. J. Williams, Bird with Worm, Springdale Elem., 5th Grade, 2nd Place
Ella Rochelle Gubler, Bluebird, Wash. Elementary, WBF 1st Place, 4th Grade
Emma Warren, Bird Family, Washington Elementary, WBF 2nd Place, 4th Grade
Blake Bowler, Rooster,  Enterprise Elementary, WBF 1st Place, Fifth Grade
Sterling Jeppson - Owl
Mataello Cota - Thunderbird
Dallin McGuiney - Western Tanager
Cynthia ? - Yellow Bird
Cordell Wamback - Spotted Towhee

Conner Nelson - Evening Grosbeak
Brett Gonzalez - Chirping Sparrow
Samantha Williams - Bluebird
Cadent Cota - Turkey Vulture
Unknown - Wading Bird
Pam Roundy - Wild Turkey
Mataello Cota - Black-crowned Night Heron
Marcos Cota - Blue Bird, Peach Bird
Kadent Cota - Vermilion Flycatcher
Kaily Jensen - Rainbow Bird, Parrot & Peacock, Fremont Elem., Taylorsville, Utah
Kaden Jensen - American Robin
Springdale Elementary  - Spring 2012    
        Lexie Paxman - Owl

        Lydia Steffan - Hummingbird     
        Samanthia Roberts
- Necklace Owl  
        Gabbie McKinley - White Pelican
Charley McKay - Flamingo
        Ginger Farnsworth
   - White-bellied Bird
        Ben Van Buren - Red Cardinal      
        GMMP - Fat Bird
        Bella - Pink & Purple Bird
Ashdon Serna - bird

       Aarianna Villaleal - Blue Grosbeak
Ben Stevens - Spotted Towhee
Mikayla Dunn - Ducks
Caleb Nelson -
Western Tanager, Great Gray Owl
Ashlyn King- Blue Bird, Yellow Warbler
Allie Stevens - Hummingbird
Malachi Larsen - Kingfisher
Jacob Knapp - Canada Goose
Haden Frie - White Ibis
Cash Schmutz - Duck

Ben Owen - Blue Grosbeak
Barbie Owen - Black-capped Chickadee
Ashley McDougal - White-crowned Sparrow

Abbie Green - Owl
Isaiah Ellis - American Robin
Kaden Campbell - Grosbeak

Charlotte Wamback - Downy Woodpecker
Malia Lavendar - Hummingbird
Nettie Knudson - KilldeerPretty bird, fancy bird
Bekah Knudsen - Chickadee, GrosbeakWestern Tanager,
Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Woodpecker
Simon Knudson (age 3) - yellow bird
Thomas Knudson (age 3) - merganser
Shade - (22 months) - bird
        Drew the bird after it was copied from a template.
        Amazing! He actually followed the lines.
Lily Stocks -
Imagination bird, White Heron Water Bird -
        "The Water Bird is never heard
        Because it's lost in time
        What a beauty . . .
        Whose name's not Judy
        It has the color of lime."
               - Lily

Harrison Gordon (Age 4) - Baby Owl -
Dannica Gordon   Age 7 - Blue Grosbeak
Aisa Uchimurd - Great Horned Owl
Ivan Richardson - Big-billed birdVultureAmerican Coot, Eagle
        Bird flying
 Great Blue Heron GooseWoodpecker,
      Ring-necked Pheasant
Garrett Sessions (age 8) - Blue Jay
Dallin McQuiuey (age 8) -  Junco  

Constance (age 4) - Lavender Brown Thrasher
Spencer Duffin - Wood Duck
Joelle Duffin (age 10) - Lark Sparrow
Michael Ricks - 4th Grade,  Spotted Towhee & Junco
River Rowley  - yellow bird
Phillip Roundy - Hummingbird -
Shawn Roundy - Hummingbird
Kyle Roundy - Mourning Dove
Katelyn S. (age 10) - Bald Eagle
Madison Raye - Goldfinch
Sierra Holt - Northern Junco
Mataello Cota  (age 8)  - Kingfisher &
Alex Rodriguez - Lindon, Utah - Gold bird
Hyrum Weiss (age 3) -
Flying colorsBird Red-breasted Nuthatch
Jason Weiss (age 5) - Rainbow Bird, BirdWestern Tanager,
Indigo Bunting
Andrew West - Bird of preyBird
Alex West -  Duck & Gnatcatcher

Alayna -
Lark SparrowNorthern Junco
Miranda Blake -

- Peregrine Falcon 1
Nick -
  Peregrine Falcon 2

Red-tailed Hawk

Christian - Hawk flying

Bluebird - (perched in a tree)

Mallard -
Mallard - (standing)


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