Shirley Surfus
Shirley Surfus moved to St. George in July of 1995 and is an active member of the Color Country Camera Club. She became very interested in
 photographing birds in 2005 and enjoys making professionally made original photography cards.  Has won top honors at the Staircase Gallery. 
She is currently working with a well-known Idaho artist to submit a federal duck stamp in 2011 and has made a DVD of birds and butterflies
that has been shown quite extensively.  A DVD is in the works for the Idaho Fish and Game to use in their offices on the Fairfied Centennial
Marsh in Idaho.   A recent photo was chosen for the Virgin River Program 2011 calendar.
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Clark's Grebe & babies

Clark's Grebe at Tonaquint Park
Shirley Surfus
Clark's Grebe
  Shirley Surfus

Grebe baby carriage
Shirley Surfus

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