Red Cliffs Chapter Organization

Contact the organization at:
Marilyn Davis: or phone 435-673-0996

Chapter Organization

President - Open
Vice President - Keith Davis
Consultant /Resource - Bob Douglas
Secretary - Steve Eberhard
Treasurer - Open
Program Chair - Marilyn Davis
Christmas Bird Count Compiler - Marilyn & Keith Davis
Conservation Chair - Open
Membership Chair - Lauren Hughes
Utah Council Liaison - Open
Education Chair - Marilyn Davis
Special Projects Chair - Cordell Peterson
General Meetings - Marilyn Davis
Publicity Chair - Clio Grob

Committee Members
Field Trips

Cordell Peterson, Washington County
Steve Hedges, Iron County

Marilyn Davis

Clio Grob

The Board of Directors consists of six or more elected Directors
and the elected officers of the Chapter

Board of Directors
Keith Davis
Marilyn Davis
  Cordell Peterson
Steve Eberhard
Lauren Hughes
Clio Grob

Ken Hinton

A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting
of the Board provided such a quorum includes a majority of the
elected Directors (see By-Laws, Article III Sect. 1 and 7


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