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2018 Field Trip & Meeting Schedule

       For all our trips you will need to bring your lunch and snacks (cold pizza is always good) and plenty of water. Dress according to the weather and don't forget your hat, binoculars and 2-way radios.  Carpooling is always encouraged, saves gas and more important there is not enough safe parking place where we stop.  A long line of cars has drawn attention by the sheriff in the past. Talking about birds with other people is half the fun.

       Watch for details, more info and updates on your e-mail, at our Red Cliffs web site and in the newspaper.  Field trips destinations occasionally change, especially end of year trips to areas that are susceptible to fire.  It is especially important to check the monthly updates if you plan on meeting the group at any place other than St. George BLM.

Notice:  Please read our liability waiver regarding future field trips.  This signed form will be required for field trip participation and can be submitted to the field trip guide or a Red Cliffs Audubon representative prior to departure.  Thanks for your cooperation--we appreciate it!
**Any changes to the schedule will be updated on this site.  Or for more information, call 435 673-0996. Just in case you don't know where we hold our meetings (announced monthly) or meet for field trips, the Tonaquint Nature Park is located at 1851 S. Dixie Dr. (map) and the BLM is located at 345 E. Riverside Dr. (map)



Saturday April 14: Lytle Ranch - meet at the BLM at 7:00 a.m. We will be able to see many of the spring migrants and our resident favorites - Phainopeplas.  Bring a lunch, camera and binos. On our way to Lytle we will make a quick stop at the Shivwits Gas Station (around 7:15) if you want to meet up with us there before proceeding to the ranch. Should be a great field trip.

May 12: Grafton

June 16: Dale & Judy Pettit’s in Central

July 14: Cedar Breaks




Wednesday April 11:  Tonaquint Nature Center 7:00pm. Speaker will be Steve Meisner who will be giving a presentation on "The Virgin River."  Steve has been on the 3 Rivers Council and deeply involved with the management of the Virgin River as long as I can remember. Come and find out where we stand this year and in years to come on the protection of this vital source of water which makes life possible in Washington County.  Learn about the new reservoir being built near Anderson Junction.  See where new developments stand on assuring and protecting our future water supply. When  Quail Lake and Sand Hollow reservoirs were completed, water bird populations skyrocketed and our winter skies filled with birds.  Now we expect to see waterfowl in numbers during our Christmas Bird Counts, but this was not always the case.  See you there!

May  9: Water Conservancy -

June 13: City of St. George -



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