In the Spotlight:  Joe Comp, John Morgan, Robert McFarland

We don't know a lot about the nice people who sent these photos to us years ago, but we are grateful they took the time to share
 their birds with us.  Joe Comp and his wife sent photos of a Cooper's Hawk who had been stalking the birds in their area and John Morgan
was thrilled to find an eastern Blue Jay coming to his feeders in Northern Utah.  Robert McFarland is known to the webmaster and wanted
to share his sighting of a beautiful bald eagle.  Thanks to all!  We appreciate your participation in Red Cliffs Audubon.

Cooper's Hawk
Joe Comp sent us this photo a few years ago of a Cooper's Hawk that kept raiding
his feeders at this home.

John Morgan sent this to us in 2004 when he began getting a rare Blue Jay at his feeder in Northern Utah. This is a
composite photo showing the size comparison with a Steller's Jay which was also visiting his feeder.

bald eagle
Robert McFarland, a well-know watercolor artist in Utah, sent me this picture of
a beautiful Bald Eagle.

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