2009-2010 Chapter Annual Plan
Red Cliffs Audubon

Major Goals for the coming  year:
1. Educate the public to appreciate the importance of wildlife as a part of the ecosystem in which we live and are interdependent and to develop a sense of stewardship toward it.

2. Promote appreciation of the importance of wildlife habitat to the preservation of wildlife.

3. Do something to protect wildlife or wildlife habitat.

4. Increase fundraising efforts in order to fund efforts in education, public awareness, and protection of wildlife and habitat.

5. Increase public awareness of the local chapter.
How our goals will be accomplished:
1. Conduct monthly field trips.

2. Co-sponsor the 7th annual Winter Bird Festival.

3. Conduct educational programs in the schools and scouting activities.

4. Presentations at Chapter meetings.

5. Conduct Christmas Bird Counts.

6. Write columns in the local newspapers.

7. Answer bird and related questions from the public.

8. Investigate and implement fundraising activities.

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