In the Spotlight:  Bob Lawson

    Bob Lawson was not born in Utah but he seems like a native with his eagerness to help anyone who needs it.  He is an awesome photographer and takes his hobby seriously.  He has assisted local organizations and festivals with slide show presentations of birds and animals of the Southwest region.  His knowledge of the hiking areas surrounding St. George is extensive and he has many adoring fans who love to hear of his adventures and share in his exploits among the snakes, insects, birds, and animals of Utah and surrounding states.  Thanks, Bob, for your assistance and for sharing your wonderful photos!

California Condor
Lawrence's Goldfinch Brewer's Blackbirds & Sand Cove
Great-tailed Grackle Ruddy Shelduck (exotic waterfowl)
Swainson's Hawk Western Scrub Jay
Pinyon Jay Snow Goose
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Dammeron Valley at night

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