In the Spotlight: Belinda Heebner

        Belinda Heebner, LaVerkin, Utah contributed wonderful photos and poetry to Red Cliffs Audubon from the onset.  When the web site was struggling for photos she was always there to help.  Her poem written for her special visitor, a Greater Roadrunner, and her series of hummingbird nests and their tiny occupants will never be forgotten.  I understand she has passed away but her photos live on.  Thanks Belinda!  Please follow the links to the two pages of photos.

"Ode to Roadrunner at Co-Op"
by Belinda Heebner
Laverkin, Utah


He arrives 'bout eight just after the sun,
 surveying the area as not to be late!

He looks all around so to be the only one
 who will dine on the burger of 12 tiny rounds.

He cautiously eats one ball at a time,
 and when he is done, across the road he will run.

He's a fast little streak all day on the go,
 scurry here, scurry there, he is seen everywhere.

But shortly past 4, his day near complete,
 He will head to space 30 to see what's to eat.

If there's burger on his tray he will eat it all away,
 then jump up in the rafters for the night he will stay

It's a tiny little ledge on that Co-Op 30 lot,
 where he sleeps in the corner of rafters and shed.

With ease he will leap up eight feet to his bed,
 and nestles in to just a feathery fluff.

As day turns to night he will rejuvenate,
 then again with the sun begin his day at Co-Op.

Thank you so much ole Roadrunner dear,
 for allowing a month of birdwatching cheer.


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