"A Favorite Bird of the UK"

English Robin

        The English Robin is a favorite bird in England and Europe. It is mentioned in many pieces of English literature. It is a bird of fables and facts. A bird well liked, because it relates to the activities of people. In England, Robins follow gardeners, who till the soil, and bring up worms and insects which serve as food for the birds. It isrobin not unusual to see a gardener, taking a break from his work, with a Robin sitting nearby on his idle tools. In the summer Robins are opportunistic flycatchers. In the winter they shift from worms and insects to seeds and berries. Fifteen times as many English Robins are killed by the common cat rather than predators like Hawks and Owls because of their close association with people. Males do not migrate, but hold their home range year round, whereas females migrate to warmer climates some times going as far as Spain.

        The English Robin became the National Bird of the United Kingdom in 1960. Its home range extends from England into Europe and parts of Russia. This bird is so beloved that attempts were made to establish populations around the world. Captive birds were taken to Australia, New Zealand, the East Coast of the United States, and Oregon. But the attempts to introduce the English Robin did not meet with success.

        Duane Bailey is the artist of the English Robin. Thank you, Duane, for this great color pencil drawing. If you have questions about birds, or the upcoming Christmas Bird Counts in St. George and Silver Reef on December 26, and 28, call Marilyn Davis at 435 673-0996. Anyone interested in birds is invited to participate, the ‘wannabe’, the novice or the specialist. For complete information on all Christmas Bird Counts, log onto to our website at Learn about the birds of your area and make it even more enjoyable to live here.


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