"Way-Cool Bird"

Cassin's Kingbird

cassins kingbird        I will never forget the first time I saw a Cassin's Kingbird. That's how it is when you see your 'first'; you never forget! We were on a Red Cliffs Audubon Field Trip to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve in Nevada. We knew we were there because we had to hold our breath as we drove through the gate and into the preserve. You may think there's nothing good about a smelly, waste treatment plant, but you're wrong. Henderson, Nevada is the proud facilitator of the 147 acre migratory bird stop and wetlands with basins, lagoons, and ponds. Henderson Treatment Plant has turned their waste into a bird viewing treat. The ponds are home to almost 200 species of birds, including waterfowl, wading, and birds of prey. The reserve is free, and we visit it often.

        We were standing in front of Henderson's Wildlife Information Office when a Cassin's Kingbird was spotted high on a branch of a tree. The bird stayed perched long enough for everyone in our group to have a look. It was a beauty. The Cassin's Kingbird is similar to the familiar Western Kingbird but darker, and its black tail is lightly white-tipped but no white margins. The Cassin's Kingbird is often found high on a tree where it sits more quietly than the Western. The song of the Cassin's Kingbird is a loud chi-BEW, chi-beer, chi-beer, ch-beer-beer-beer-r-r. The look-alike Western is seen more often for it has a tendency to stay in flocks while the Cassin's Kingbird is content as a solitary hunter/observer.

        Cassin's Kingbirds show up all the time in southern Utah. Many Cassin's migrate here to breed and raise a family. They prefer habitats of savannas, rangelands, and pinyon-juniper woodlands. If you enjoy learning about birds, we invite you to attend Red Cliffs Audubon General Meetings and to go with us on Field Trips. Schedules are at . If you have questions about birds, meetings, or field trips, call Marilyn Davis at 435 673-0996.

        Brenda Rusnell is the artist for this Cassin's Kingbird. Thank you Brenda for helping us to recognize this 'way-cool' bird.

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