Birds of Southern Utah

"Bloomington Hills Drive Pond"

        It’s the time of year for parades. The parade I’m talking about is near the Bloomington Hills Drive Pond. This parade occurs daily, on one of the busiest roads in town. There can be as few as two or as many as ten Geese, Swans, or Ducks participating. This parade has cars, with human drivers, coming and going both ways as well. For you who are unaware of the wildlife in this area.... SLOW DOWN! This kind of a parade can easily turn to disaster!! Geese have not been taught to wait for a greencomputer art or red light (there are no lights there anyway). Geese parade across the road when they get the urge. They aren’t afraid of vehicles. The Geese know cars are a source of food. They have learned that any car that slows down or pulls off to stop could be bringing tasty morsels. Yummy! So these loud noisemakers, dressed in feathered finery, talk and beg from everyone.

        It is sad to see the Geese, Swans, or Ducks that did not make the parade crossing the street in safety. Some waddle with a limp, some have broken wings, and many will not be able to migrate with the rest of their flock because of their injuries.

        Geese are superb grass trimmers. They are used in many parts of the world to keep grass down in orchards, and vineyards, all the while supplying people with their Christmas dinner. Old nursery rhymes and fairy tales abound with stories of Geese. The stories of Geese Girls tending large flocks of imprinted geese are true. Imprinted geese will follow their human mother to fresh pastures all during their lives and one little girl can lead dozens of large Geese around.

        Enjoy the rest of the summer. Take your kids and go to Bloomington Hills Drive. Visit the Geese, Swans, and Ducks. Bring wholesome bread to feed the waterfowl. Beware..... Geese are pushy birds, and generally not afraid of people. You may want to feed them out of your car window.

        Since we did not have a regular Artists and Birds article this week, Paint Shop Pro's "Art Media Effects" tool is the artist from a photo of Swan Geese taken by Marilyn Davis. Thank you, Marilyn, for allowing the webmaster to play with your photograph. For more information about Bloomington Hills Drive pond birds or if you just want to talk about birds, call Marilyn and Keith Davis of the Red Cliffs Audubon at 435 673-0996.

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