Canada Goose

        The Canada Goose is probably the most widely known of goose species in North America. Their distinctive honking call is a harbinger of spring and autumn for those who live under their migratory flight-path.

        Have you heard the Canada Geese talking in the fog this winter? You can hear them, but you can’t see them. It’s strange how a muffled sound in the fog brings back soCanada Goose many good memories. My memories are of wide-open spaces, unlimited vistas, and an urge to follow the wild geese.

        It’s an irrational thought, and even though it’s still the dead of winter all around St. George, each time we see flocks of Canada Geese flying north along the river, it is hard not to follow the geese. Within a two-hour drive north our trailer would be frozen solid and so would we be, but the thought still remains.

        Each winter we look forward to the few moments in time when Canada Geese fly overhead, and when that ghostly honking sound falls earthward. It is then when I realize the effort that’s been made to bring this enjoyment into our lives.

        Brenda Rusnell is the artist this week. Thank you for your effort to draw this beautiful Canada Goose. If you would like to see a flock of Canada Geese flying, get up early and go to the Virgin River. There is a great viewing spot on the bluff by the Bloomington Country Club. Or you could come to the Winter Bird Festival and watch them fly over the Tonaquint Park where all presentations, workshops, and field trips start. If you have questions about birds, call Marilyn Davis 435 673-0996.


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