"Lifelong Dreams"

Greater Roadrunner

roadrunner        Duane and Barbara Mathison spent a great deal of time in the year 2000 looking for a place to move to from Seattle, WA. They wanted more sun, less traffic, favorable cost of living, access to a college, and proximity to a major airport. St. George had all this and more, so they built a home and moved here in 2002.

        Duane says he has enjoyed living here and participating in the many opportunities and activities available in this area. He had not been able to take art classes since high school and is finding the ICL Art class, taught by instructor Brenda Rusnell, a fun challenge. The picture of the Greater Roadrunner was taken from a photograph his wife Barbara took in their backyard. The background was blurred in Photoshop Elements and then enlarged from a 4X6 color photograph into an 8X10 black and white photograph which he used to create this drawing.

        Being able to learn new skills, try new techniques, and fulfill lifelong dreams is a goal for anyone’s retirement. To those who are new to the area, it’s easy to find out what’s available. The Senior Center has a variety of classes and a great noon meal at a minimal cost. Dixie State College, and the Institute for Continued Learning (ICL) offer a zillion classes on campus. Community Education, and Leisure Services has something for every taste. Folks who have lived here many years, like me, step outside your daily routines. Put your "need to" list aside a day and work on your "want to" list. When was the last time you took a trip to see the historical LDS Church in Pinevalley? How often do you visit Zion, Bryce Canyon, or Capitol Reef? Go from desert to high alpine mountains in no time at all. Why wouldn’t anyone enjoy living where the weather is great about 90% of the year.... where the people are friendly.... and where there are so many available activities that the hardest thing to do is to pick which one is for you?

        Thank you Duane R. Mathison for moving to St. George and developing your creative talent to share with us. Keep in mind there are Christmas Bird Counts coming up. Try something new! For more information, visit our web site at


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