by Marilyn and Keith Davis

"What’s on Your Pond?"


        The handsome, vivacious little Bufflehead can be seen at its best after a winter storm. They seem to ride easily, swimming and diving on rough water as though they were on calm, untroubled pools. The Bufflehead is a small duck, with a large patch of white on the head and body. Even though he is a little guy,
he is usually the first duck spotted on a pond. The female has less white and is many times thought to be another species. The female is duller with a small elongated white patch on each side of her head. If you spot the male, you will find the female close by.
        Buffleheads are perfectly at home through raging wind or stinging cold. They seem cheerful, happy and contented, intent only on a supply of food that will enable them to withstand the cold and stress of winter. The Bufflehead is a fast flyer and has a rapid wing beat. The male’s voice is a soft whistle, and wouldn’t you know it . . . the female has a hoarse quack! Go to most any pond or body of water here in southern Utah and look for that blob of white floating, diving, disappearing, reappearing over and over again.  It's the Bufflehead!

        The Tonaquint Pond is always a welcome place for the Bufflehead, as is Ivins Reservoir, Gunlock Reservoir, Grandpa’s Pond – most any body of water. Once you find a Bufflehead it will be the first duck you look for on the water from this time forward. Seasons are changing and if you want to enjoy the wonderful weather of Spring, come renew your love of the outdoors on one of our field trips. Everyone is welcome. For information about birds or upcoming Red Cliffs Audubon activities call 435 673-0996 or go to our website at   .  Marilyn Davis is this week's artist. 

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