by Marilyn and Keith Davis

"A Song of the Outdoors"

Hermit Thrush

        Have you ever wanted a great memory to come back again and again? Mine is the music of a Hermit Thrush. Itís flue-like song is a short, low note followed by a series of rapid single tones or two tones. Similar phrases are repeated at differing pitches. If it doesnít make sense, then you gotta hear it to enjoy. You could try hiking through a mixed conifer forest near a stream lined with ash and box hermit thrushelder. Thatís the habitat the Hermit Thrush is normally found in. My first encounter was high in the mountains of Zion at Lava Point lookout. The next was on Whipple Trail in the Pine Valley Mountains.

        Once you hear the Hermit Thrushís song of the outdoors, it will take a keen eyesight to find this shy bird, as he tends to stay low in the under story of the trees.  He is a ground feeder. The Hermit Thrush is a member of the Thrush family (Muscicapidae) which includes some of the most recognized, colorful, and melodic birds. The American Robin and Bluebirds are a part of this family. These family members share characteristics such as large eyes, eye rings, and juveniles with spotted breasts.

        For an easy encounter with the Hermit Thrush and to hear his wonderful melodic song, go to the computer at . Enjoy the whole 4:38 minutes. "The Song of the Hermit Thrush" comes right after "Early Summer." The Internet is a fantastic way to learn bird songs . . . Or you could come along on one of our monthly Red Cliffs Audubon Field Trips. Public is invited. Our field guides have a love of the outdoors and are specialist on birds and their songs. Most field trips are close to home. For more information call me at 435 673-0996.

        Jerry Orban is the Artist of the Hermit Thrush.

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