by Marilyn and Keith Davis

"Have Breakfast with a Bird"

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole        It was early morning and Honey, like most home owners, found there was something that needed fixing. Lucky me, my Honey likes to fix things. And if our garage closet doesn’t have the part, he usually takes me with him to find and buy it (I’m a good back seat driver too). The shopping center we chose had lots of decorative bushes and trees, a fast food chain, a restaurant, a market across the street, and of course a home improvement center. Wow! This morning the parking lots were dotted with birds everywhere. The birds were greeting us with songs from the bushes, the trees, the tops of roofs, and even while flying to and fro. Evidently, the early morning customers visiting these food depots had dropped or just plain shared their food with the Grackles, House Sparrows and Doves, for they surely seemed satisfied and happy being in this area. I told Honey this was a great place to have breakfast with a bird. Next time you have a ‘honey-do’ job in the morning and go to a home improvement store, take a look around the parking lot and see if there are any feathery visitors. You could be entertained with a song, and get to have breakfast with a bird . . . if you choose to share your Breakfast Burrito or Egg McMuffin. Our artist is Duane Matheson with a picture of a Baltimore Oriole having a morning treat of fruit. Thanks Duane.

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