by Marilyn and Keith Davis

"Crash Day"

fly and crash
       The eggs have hatched and the babies are trying their wings! Today the air was full of baby birds learning how to fly. It seems that every year in the month of July its time for ‘flying lessons'. When I saw 40 to 50 birds all in my back pasture, I knew that time had come. There were Western Kingbirds, Say's Phoebes, House Sparrows, and a few Mockingbirds.

       The birds were taking off on their flights from bushes, fences, low branches of trees, and some from ground positions. It was obvious that they were new at this for they made short fluttering flights in the air that ended in some type of crash landing on the soft grass. Not to worry . . . parent birds were there to inspire and encourage them to try again, and again. When the young ones hesitated too long, the parent would bring them a morsel of food (a treat for trying), and they were soon attempting the ‘soar', ‘flutter', and ‘zero in' patterns. The treat was a great idea. So great an idea for the babies that some were willing to just sit and beg to be fed.

       Oh what a show they put on! This show of novice flying went on for several hours in the cool early morning. It may take another few days before the entertainment is through . . . before they can make it on their own. Look in your own trees, your own yard, and see if you are having ‘flying lessons' this summer. Grandkids are great to inspire Grandparents to be outdoors. Lily Stocks, Marcos and Caydent Cota (Grandkids) are our artists this week. If you have bird questions, call 435 673-0996. 
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