by Marilyn and Keith Davis

Being Fed

baby birds
        Yesterday we stopped at a fast food establishment for some midday nourishment and the place was filled with Moms and Kids. Moms holding, dragging, consoling, disciplining, finding a place to sit and eat . . . all with one hand. I saw every size and every age of kid, and so many great Moms caring for their little ones. It made me smile.

         School’s out, I thought to myself. I saw how much the children were enjoying being there with Mom, and being fed. It seemed so familiar. It brought to mind everyday sights I see outside . . . bird moms (and dads) who are willing to perform phenomenal feats to feed their chicks. These moms and dads don’t have a Dairy Queen or a Burger King to stop at when they have to find food. And, no one prepares the food but them. A bird’s food comes from many sources. Some birds specialize in catching insects, others catch fish, some have a diet of vegetation and seeds, and some even eat other birds. Over the eons birds learned this specialization so they would have an ample supply of food to raise their chicks. They are not like our kids, some who only want to eat chicken nuggets, some never wanting to touch brussel sprouts, and others choosing pizza seven days a week. One of our Granddaughter’s first words was “french fry.”

        If baby birds are hungry, they call constantly for food. The air is filled with “Hey mom, over here. Hey mom, I’m hungry. Hey mom, I need food.” When the parent finally arrives with the food, I can hear the baby bird saying, “Oh yummy, it’s beetles today.” Or “Yehhh, I get a whole grasshopper by myself.” What a fun time of year, to hear the birds calling, and to watch the parents fly into the skies, the bushes, the water holes, the cobwebs, and the abundant earth for baby food. Enjoyment is where you find it. Here’s hoping you find lots of it outside.

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