by Marilyn and Keith Davis

"A New Kind of Sport"

        There are all kinds of fun sports going on in southern Utah. A person can either watch them or participate in them. Some sports require hours of training. Some require learning and doing. Some sports need the cool of the day and some the lights of night. Others require getting yourself or your family members to the right place at the right time. We are fortunate to live here. So much to do!

colored bird by Steve
                    Roundy         Birding is an early morning sport. If you go outside at first light, the air is filled with bird songs. Even in the heat of summer the songs of first light go on and on and on. But do you know who’s singing? As you have probably already guessed, my sport of choice is “birding.” And yes, honey and I love getting up early, we love finding new habitats that invite birds of all species, and we love learning which bird is which. With this sport, we know that we gotta arrive at our birding destination just as the morning dawns, when birds are waking and talking and getting ready for the day. Each field trip adventure adds zest to life.

          May’s Field Trip took us to the Kolob area of Zion National Park. Traveling the road to Kolob Reservoir we stopped at the pond about five miles north of Virgin. The timing was right. Birds of all kinds were singing in every tree and bush. They were perched on anything and everything they could grab hold of. What a sight. What a sound. Whenever someone in our group found an interesting bird that was unrecognizable, we could always call on the Field Trip Leader for verification. This makes for a great sport. We are outdoors, we witness nature at its finest, and we learn new species. When we think we know them all, in flies a rare one who just happened our way. It’s one more we have to identify and find out about. This sport can take you to every country, each with its own bird species, and you with a reason to travel there. With a good pair of binoculars and a bird book of the area you are all set for a great time with a popular new sport.

         Thank you Steve Roundy for painting our picture this week. If you have questions about birds or the Red Cliffs Audubon Monthly Meeting or Field Trip call 435 673-0996. The public is always welcome. 

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