By Marilyn and Keith Davis

"A Snipe Hunt

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson's Snipe       Have you ever tried to make the invisible - visible? Or the visible - invisible? If you go to a place like Sportsman’s Warehouse you are sure to find just the right clothing to sit in a blind and watch wildlife come in without them seeing you. But then, there are a zillion species who come camouflaged - by Mother Nature. They don’t need to buy clothing to be invisible. Humans have a tough time seeing them.

       One of the many species we enjoyed watching at the Winter Bird Festival was an almost invisible Snipe. I know you’ve heard about ‘a snipe hunt’ from the time you were old enough to walk . . . but did you ever find the snipe? We did! You can too if you find the right place, take the time, and determine you will stay till you see it move. The Snipe has perfect coloring to blend in with its surroundings, regardless.

       The Rulon B. Cox Family Park is a great place for families to play and have fun. Lots of noise, and that’s good because maybe the wildlife isn’t so jumpy when they see two-legged predators on the scene. And, there are all the kids at the Heritage Elementary school who scream their way through recess. Take a leisurely walk around the Park and peer into the wet area to the south and in the middle of the Cox farm. You could see the Snipe along with a Pipit, Phoebe, or a Vermilion Flycatcher. Remember to respect private property, and remember to give me a call if you see a Snipe.

       Keith Davis has drawn the Wilson's Snipe. If you have questions about birds, or the upcoming Red Cliffs Audubon activities, call 435 673-0996.  You can also take time to read previously posted articles below.

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