by Marilyn Davis

"At Just the Right Time"

Cedar Waxwing

cedar waxwing by Brenda Rusnell
       Migration is in full swing. If you venture outside, you could find birds in large flocks, small groups, individual birds, or even a mix of several bird species in one tree.

       White-crowned Sparrows and Juncos have returned for the winter. Hooded Mergansers and Wood Ducks are stopping over for R&R at local ponds. Flocks of Robins noisily vie for food. Today we saw a large black wave of Starlings flying, and a hungry Sharp-shinned Hawk diving into the wave to catch a meal on the wing. Unfortunate for him, the 300 plus Starlings out maneuvered the hawk, turned, and went after the ‘Sharpie’. The Sharp-shinned Hawk flew one way and the Starlings flew in the other direction, settling on a green field. After a few seconds they were airborne again in another black wave.

       There are always surprises in nature; whether it’s seeing three different Woodpecker species in one large tree, or the magnificent Cedar Waxwing perched on a branch just a few feet away. You just have to be there, at just the right time.

        Brenda Rusnell is the artist for the Cedar Waxwing, painted with color pencils. This beautiful bird is one to watch out for, and hope you get to see. Bird watching can be fascinating. Please let us know if you would like to spend a full day outdoors with nature by participating in one or more of the upcoming Christmas Bird Counts in December. For information about birds, or the Christmas Bird Counts call 435 673-0996 and visit our bird counts page.
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