"A Song to Love"

Western Meadowlark

western meadowlark
       Last Saturday we were in the Washington Fields when we heard the unmistakable call of a Western Meadowlark. Each time I hear this bird sing, I know I must be in wide open spaces of grassland or agriculture fields. Back when we lived next to Zion National Park, the area near our home was absent of the Meadowlark’s song. The only time we heard the Meadowlark was when we ventured south to Rockville and Grafton, where there was open space. Then, we moved ‘down-river’ to Bloomington Ranches. Immediately we heard the Meadowlarks singing,
for there were empty lots all around us. Over the years, as the empty lots filled with homes, the singing decreased steadily and the Meadowlarks moved away to find that open space.

       My Mother always told me the Meadowlark’s song was . . . “Marilyn is a pretty little girl.” I told my Grandson the song was . . . “Spencer is a pretty little boy.” I love this song. It fits everyone in the family. Strange how much more we savor the sound of things as they become available and familiar to us.

       Now is the time to be outdoors. It is a time of gathering. Species are grouping to migrate. Birdlife is everywhere. Take a drive through open spaces. Walk through a quiet meadow. Feel the wind blow. Watch the grasses move and then realize how sweet each moment of life is.

       Ivan Richardson is my young eight-year-old friend who loves to draw birds. This is his rendition of the beautiful Western Meadowlark. See more of Ivan's drawings at the "Young Artists and Birds" section of our website.

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