"Brenda Rusnell - Artist"
by Marilyn Davis

Brenda        I have a great love for the outdoors and enjoy every opportunity to get out and about in Southern Utah, and especially to watch birds. The Senior Sampler,  publishing Artists and Birds, has helped me find lots of other bird enthusiasts with mutual interests.

      A few years back, I was fortunate to meet an artist who was willing to draw a bird for one of my "Artists and Birds" articles. This artist was Brenda Rusnell, and since then, that first bird picture has grown  into one hundred beautiful bird drawings for me to use, and she tells me she still likes drawing birds!

        Brenda is a great friend as well as a great artist and her hundreds of hours drawing birds are really appreciated. It is a pleasure to share her talent with you.  You can't help but love the way each bird is portrayed and how realistic they seem.  The feathers are intricately drawn and the colors are beautifully blended. Brenda has captured birds in flight, birds in defensive pose, birds self-insulating against the cold, and birds just . . . sitting pretty.

        Brenda is teaching art classes for ICL at Dixie College beginning in September. Her specialty is color pencil and this will be her fourth year teaching. Her classes are excellent, some of the best I have taken.

       Once again  she has done a superb job drawing a colorful bird you might want to put on your "life list" - the Rufous-capped Warbler.  This warbler, shown below, is a resident of Central and South America and has occasionally been spotted as far north as Southern Arizona and Texas. It has a bright yellow throat and upper breast with olive-green underparts and a white belly. The head has a rufous crown and cheek patch. The eyebrow is white with a black eyestripe. This is about as colorful as a bird gets.

         Thanks so much, Brenda, for sharing your skills with all the people of St. George and helping to make our Artists and Birds section of the Red Cliffs Audubon web site our most popular!

rufous-capped warbler