By Keith and Marilyn Davis

"Look-alikes Galore"
Sage Sparrow

sage sparrow        Zippppppppp..... there he goes! Itís a Sage Sparrow! A year-round resident of southern Utah. A common but inconspicuous bird of sagebrush and chaparral in the arid western United States. The Sage Sparrow is seldom identified, because it is so similar in size and color to the rest of the sparrow world. This energetic little ground feeder has some very particular characteristics that will help you identify him from the multitudes of other flocks of sparrows. It is usually found solitary (by itself) where most other sparrows travel in flocks. The Sage Sparrow spends much of its time on the ground, running between shrubs with a characteristic posture of a raised tail which it flicks and waves as it works the ground, looking for food.

        The Sage Sparrow is usually found in the sagebrush of southern Utah, It ranges north to Canada and south to Mexico. We have seen the Sage Sparrow on many of the Audubon Field Trips. Our next field trip will be at the Henderson Ponds - Saturday, April 12. This is a spectacular wildlife setting. It will be a great place to see the Sage Sparrow. If you have never visited the Henderson Ponds, make a point to come along. It will be a trip to remember. Not only will there be a variety of birds, but Spring flowers will be in abundance.

Thank you, Judy Warren, for your rendition of the Sage Sparrow. Marilyn Davis is a member of the Red Cliffs Audubon. If you have any questions about birding, or about Audubon Field trips please call the Davis home and talk to Marilyn or Keith, 673-0996