Become a Junior Birder

bluebird drawing

        Kids ages eight to twelve can become a Junior Birder at the Winter Bird Festival, January 29, 1:00 - 3:00 held in the Tonaquint Nature Center. In just two hours kids can learn how to spot birds and to identify them. Kids will be able to recognize different bird beaks, feet, shapes, and why they are built the way they are. Kids will learn about migration and why southern Utah has so many birds that pass through or spend the winter here. hawk

        Kids will also be able to draw their favorite bird and have it posted on the Young Artists website. When kids become Junior Birders they are eligible to attend a special Junior Birder Field Trip with expert birders.  The Junior Birder program is free.  Kids must register for class at to attend. 

        Give the kids you love an opportunity to become acquainted with our wonderful wildlife. We thank Young Artists Jansen and Christian Sorensen, Mataello Cota, and Caleb Nelson for their drawings.  For more information call 435 673-0996 and visit the Young Artists and Birds section of the Red Cliffs Audubon site to see more drawings by our youth.



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